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About EggsCargoSystem®

Twinpack developed the EggsCargoSystem® in 1998. The reason for this was the changing way of transporting eggs. The industry increasingly started using pallets for transport purposes, instead of the steel roll containers which had previously been used.

The paper egg trays proved to be unsatisfactory for this purpose, which resulted in our desire to develop a more robust and sustainable system. This turned out to be our EggsCargoSystem®.

Now, over 17 years later, this system represents an essential part of the global eggs industry. Twinpack has over 1.000 satisfied customers worldwide and new customers have decided to switch over to the system every single day. The realisation of the EggsCargoSystem® also marked the start of the advanced automation in this industry. In particular the robot system for the picking and moving of the EggsCargoSystem® and the required washing facilities emerged at an incredible pace.

Twinpack exclusively produces the EggsCargoSystem® from raw materials which are known for being the very best of their kind. In addition to the application of these top quality raw materials, Twinpack has also opted to add UV protectors to its raw materials. This has made the system somewhat more expensive, but does mean the system enjoys maximum protection against accelerated ageing of the plastic as a result of UV light.

As is the case in so many other industries, the EggsCargoSystem® has been copied by other companies. A number of competitors have done their utmost to ensure their system looks as much like ours as possible. They can sometimes be quite successful where the appearance is concerned, but from a quality point of view, these copies are worlds apart from the EggsCargoSystem®. We have come to the conclusion that all competitors use lesser quality raw materials, they don’t apply UV protection and also don’t pay particularly close attention to the continuity of pigments, which are mixed together with the raw materials as a colouring agent.

One thing none of our competitors can state about the EggsCargoSystem® and what Twinpack most definitely can, is that we have gained more than 17 years of experience. The very first trays, pallets and dividers we sold 17 years ago are still being used by our customers today.

Our slogan is therefore certainly well and truly justified: The EggsCargoSystem® … world’s most reliable system!